Practice Ideas (let's get serious !!) 30 mins Beginner
  • combine Vic Firth free rudiment app with Vic Firth poster 
  • choose 3 rudiments at bronze level single roll ...single 4...flam 5 mins
  • add foot with click 
  • 5 mins page 5 "Stick Control" lawrence stone
  • find a favourite song (or ask mum or dad for their favourite)
  • play some single rolls with the song ...1/4 1/8 1/16 what ever you can manage ...stop and listen
  • mix up the three different notes
  • 5 minute break checking grip ....balanced and bouncing like a ball
  • check out The Beatles 

feel free to read and share by 2 Drumtalk pieces

should I buy my kids a $1000 laptop or a $500 drumkit ? (maybe not this kit buddy)
  • you will know what they are doing (maybe some electronics or pads for the folks next door)
  • no ink to purchase and no power (just some good drumheads)
  • no eye sight damage from screen glow 
  • you challenge co ordination at an early age
  • your thinking in the now ...
  • your connecting with history and now ...from louis armstrong to adele
  • your counting ...your tracking ....your formulating
  • no anti virius or net nanny 
  • expression instantly
  • life long friends and stories to tell
  • practice is a form of meditation (my take)
  • social skills and social interaction (music rehearsals) 
  • please feel free to let me know your own !!
concepts-end-results.pdf why we read music !! 51.5 KB
i love my wedding gigs professional concepts at my gigs 113 KB
"the chain" fleetwood mac thanks to Daisy (one of my drum students) who took the trouble to transfer my hand written chart to something readable ! 450 KB